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Born in 1909 in Tenali, a taluka town in Andhra Pradesh, KoKu had lost his parents when he was eleven years old. He studied at Vijayanagaram and Benares. Later, he worked in several places from Simla to Bombay to Madras, in such positions as a clerk, teacher, factory foreman and a film writer (including music direction for a film) - before settling down in the field of journalism. After a stint in some papers, a few of which he founded himself, he was with 'Chandamama', a popular children's magazine, as its editor in 1952 till he passed away in 1980. KoKu was committed to his ideals throughout his career, in spite of ample opportunities and temptations in the race for fame, positions and quick monetary gains. He was meticulous in his correspondence with the countless writers and many magazines he used to hear from. Kutumbarao is survived by his wife, Smt. Varudhini, a daughter and two sons.